Everything You Need to Know about Virtual Reality ‘The ARENA’

Get ready for an extraordinary gaming experience at The ARENA—an incredible 400 sq ft VR arena that will blow your mind with its multiplayer adventures. It’s time to embark on a thrilling journey where reality and the digital world collide, and excitement fills the air. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest and crowd’s favorite VR Experience- The ARENA.

About the ARENA

A boy playing with a VR headset

Imagine stepping into The ARENA, a massive space spanning 400 sq ft. The moment you enter, you can feel the anticipation building, and your heart starts racing with the promise of epic gameplay. This is the place where your gaming dreams become a reality, where you can escape the confines of everyday life and dive into a world of endless possibilities, our VR Arena is the place to go!

You can move freely, jump, and interact with the environment as if you’ve truly entered another dimension. No cramped spaces here—The ARENA gives you the freedom to unleash your gaming skills and fully immerse yourself in the thrilling action that awaits.

But wait, there’s more! Brace yourself for the ultimate challenge as you enter The ARENA’s virtual escape rooms. Get ready to test your problem-solving abilities, solve mysterious puzzles, and race against the clock in heart-pounding adventures like “The Enigma” or “Escape from the VR Asylum.” Will you triumph and secure your freedom, or will the virtual world consume you? The choice is yours, and the excitement couldn’t be higher.

In The ARENA, we’re all about pushing the boundaries of VR arena game. That’s why we’ve equipped ourselves with top-notch technology—state-of-the-art equipment and systems that will leave you breathless. Put on our high-resolution headsets, and watch as the immersive world unfolds right before your eyes. Feel the rush of adrenaline as our advanced motion-tracking technology brings your every move to life, blurring the line between fantasy and reality.

What you can do in the ARENA

Explore without limits

At our VR Arena, you can dive into the world of virtual reality and experience the unimaginable. Virtual reality escapes have no limits – you can uncover the depths of the ocean, explore ancient ruins or even travel through space!

Here are some of the cool experiences you can check out at oasisVRX:

The Corsair’s Curse VR

The Corsair’s Curse (LB VR) – Announcement Trailer

Ready for a challenge with your buddies? Join together for an exciting voyage aboard a mysterious galleon in search of the fabled Corsair’s treasure. But watch out – the Corsair has cast a wicked curse on you, turning you into miniature wooden dolls. 

Can you and your friends conquer the obstacles and puzzles on the ship, or will you end up as part of the Corsair’s collection of dolls for eternity?

Eclipse VR

ECLIPSE FR -Trailer | Divertissement VR by BackLight

Get your squad of 2-4 players ready to embark on the planet Carthage 5 – no need to communicate with Earth, though, because their line is dead. What happened to the crew aboard the Eclipse I ship? You have to uncover the truth as you navigate the mysteries ahead.

Become Part of the Game 

Virtual Reality escapes engage all our senses. They look and sound real, and we can even touch and interact with things. They make us feel like we’re really there, blurring what’s real and what’s not.

A group of friends playing VR in a VR arena

Enjoy While Learning

Who said learning can’t be fun? At the ARENA, we offer a range of virtual escapes that help you learn in the most exciting ways possible. From uncovering history to exploring the depths of the human body, each interactive simulation will make learning an experience to remember in our VR Arena .

Check out some of the cool learning experiences you can enjoy at oasisVRX:

Cook’d up VR

Cook’d Up Trailer: A family-friendly team-building game.

Bring your friends and family along for a thrilling team-building experience in a virtual kitchen. Together, you’ll satisfy the appetites of hungry customers while enjoying a fun and educational gameplay.

Espionage Express VR

Espionage Express Trailer

Do you have what it takes to escape a hacked train, find the mysterious Dr. Montgomery and complete a series of challenging puzzles? Gather a group of 2 to 6 players and put your skills to the test in this addictive and interactive escape-room-style adventure.

Solve Puzzles and Mystery

At the ARENA, we offer thrilling virtual escape rooms that will put your problem-solving abilities to the test. Get ready to dive into immersive experiences and solve mind-boggling puzzles and mysteries that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Here are a couple of exciting escape room adventures waiting for you at oasisVRX:

Time Travel Paradox VR

Time Travel Paradox Trailer

Can you imagine what would happen if the world’s first time machine fell into the wrong hands? Well, in this virtual escape room, your colleague, Dr. Hessenberg, has stolen the time machine, and it’s up to you and your team of up to 5 players to stop him. Solve engaging puzzles and work together smartly to unravel the mystery and prevent a catastrophic time travel paradox.

Runaway Train VR


Dr. Steem has escaped and is planning his revenge against the town that has imprisoned him. He plans to load up his train with dynamite and blow it up when it reaches the town! Our plan is to use our own train to catch up to his train, and try to board it. Once you board the train, find a way to stop the train and defeat Dr. Steem.

His homemade flying suit looks bulletproof, but it must have some kind of weakness we can exploit.

Time to get this done!


Create Bonding Moments with Friends

Friends posing for a picture for a birthday celebration

Virtual escapes are not just for solo adventures – they’re great for groups, too! Collaborate with your friends and family from anywhere in the world, and join in on solving puzzles, playing virtual sports, or exploring new territories together. Not only will you create unforgettable memories, but you’ll also develop stronger friendships.

At oasisVRX, we’ve got the perfect activity for your group, no matter what you’re into. Whether you’re looking to beat boredom or just have some fun, our virtual reality escapes and our VR Arena can definitely make sure you and your pals are having fun.

oasisvrx vr arena prices

So what are you waiting for? Bring your friends and family and create happy memories at the ARENA – the ultimate destination that intersects fun, happiness, and bonding, all in one place. Book your experience today!

Discover the full list of games and experiences available, you’ll find experiences like “Downshift,” “Espionage Express,” “Runaway Train,” “Manor of Escape,” and many more.

Prepare to embark on thrilling quests, test your skills, and immerse yourself in virtual worlds like never before. The ARENA at oasisVRX guarantees unforgettable experiences that will transport you to new dimensions and leave you wanting more.
Don’t miss out on the captivating adventures that await you. Take the plunge and explore the exciting offerings of ‘The ARENA’ today!

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