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Temple Quest

2 to 8 players show off your adventurer side by letting yourself be transported into the universe of TEMPLE QUEST ! Travel in magnificent settings and challenge your friends by collecting the most gems.

Rush Z

2 to 8 players if you always dreamed of being part of a zombie apocalypse to shoot lots of them, this survival mode is made for you! Resist as much as you can in RUSH Z because these hordes of zombies won’t spare you!

Party Playland

2 to 8 players take part in colorful mini-games from the world of party playland! This party game is perfect for children’s groups, birthday parties and people who want to compete in a fun way.

Mission Z

2 to 8 players enter with your team in this zombies-infested manor to try and survive MISSION Z … Lord Grave won’t be happy to see you and will release his horde as soon as you arrive!

Lunarscape Breakdown

2 to 8 players discover this escape room in complete immersion! Observe our Earth from the Moon and gather your findings to explore this majestic moon base in LUNARSCAPE: BREAKDOWN!

Kraken Island

2 to 8 players make your way through the island’s passages and into the captain’s territory, paying close attention to the hordes of skeletons and their cannons pointed at you.

Kitchen Panic

2 to 8 players in this family-friendly cooperative experience, you’ll be transported to different Parisian restaurants under the mantle of Chef François.

Death Squad

2 to 8 players are you ready to face a zombie apocalypse head-on? The General Speakman needs you ASAP! Answer his call and protect the designated area until the arrival of the extraction team.

Dark Z Horror

2 to 8 players no longer afraid of the dark ? Really? If you are so sure, enter the heart of the crypt of DARK Z and survive the hordes of monsters hiding in darkness!

Cyberclash Tournament

2 to 8 players battle against your opponents, rise through the ranks, and become the champion of the arena.

B Block Prison Breakout

2 to 8 players B Block Breakout places you in the heart of a high-security prison, and your mission is clear: find a way out and regain your freedom.

Quantum Arena

2 to 8 players enjoy this high-energy action with bouncing bullets, Interactive levels, and be sure to watch out booby traps!


2 to 8 players enjoy this family-friendly archery game. Destroy the attacking army . A cooperative adventure. Immerse yourself in a fantasy world!

Cyber shock

2 to 8 players enjoy this dynamic and action-packed gameplay.Dodge, shoot, destroy! Put your reflexes to the test. Go for the highest score!

Dead Ahead

2 to 8 players enjoy shooting zombies that has never been this fun. Heart pounding action. Repair your barricades and Stay alive!

Cook'd Up

2- 8 Players will enjoy a family-friendly team-building game. Enter a virtual kitchen where you and your fellow chefs satisfy hungry customers!

Espionage Express

2 to 8 players must work together to escape a hacked train, find the mysterious Dr Montgomery, and solve tricky challenges along the way.

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