The Reality of Learning- VR & Skills Training

Technology is booming and in recent years the appearance of virtual reality has drawn the attention of many. Early adopters of course were seen in the world of gaming. But nowadays, the use cases for virtual reality are expanding by the minute and see how it improves real-world skills training.

Virtual reality enables you to substantially improve life skills in a much shorter period of time. Skills that would require someone to have years of extensive training can now be achieved in a virtual environment right at your fingertips.

There are many use cases for virtual reality training that fills a void when it comes all sorts of critical situations:

  • In case of armed robberies, with hostages included, a special team could work on the best strategy for regaining control.
  • An emergency medical team can train how to react in the best way and make decisions fast.
  • When big fires or floods break out, after training for every possible outcome, the rescue team will be fully ready.
  • Future pilots can obtain all the necessary skills to operate an aircraft in all possible weather conditions. Moreover, assembly workers can reduce inspection time by using 3D aircraft models.
  • VR is applied in the automobile industry to test the feel of various components. This greatly saves time for constructing a prototype and at the same time money.

The point of this skills training is to help eliminate as many risky courses of actions as possible and bring security to a higher level. Using VR will help trainees obtain new skills through their training.

VR also helps improve soft skills training in business. VR allows us to bring new possibilities since participants can go through different scenarios and make as many mistakes as possible, without real consequences. With this training, people have a chance to try themselves in:

  • Giving presentations for important clients & directors.
  • Trying new sales strategies.
  • Overcoming stage fright.
  • Learning how to deal with the media pressure.
  • Informing an employee about the termination of employment.
  • Also, those looking for a job could learn how to “shake off” the fear of having interviews with a recruiting team.

At oasisVRX, we are 100% virtual reality! We have over 50 experiences in our “full immersion library” for you to choose from. We host special events, birthday parties for any age, corporate team bonding events. With white glove service at every turn. Visit us today!

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